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I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them. ~ Cheri

My 8 year old son has gotten much better at verbal articulation, sensory tolerance and over all behaviors since CST.  His therapist is exceptionally patient and understanding of his needs.  We NEVER miss a week without CST.  Even his public school Special Ed teacher notices if we miss a treatment.  AG, TX

The work I have had done with Cheri has changed my life.  CST addresses not only the physical problems making one's body looser and therefore healthier.  CST also releases emotional restraints that I did not even know were there and ones that I had been aware of but couldn't fully resolve in traditional counseling.  Cheri has the hands on skills and the compassion of a truly gifted therapist and teacher.  I am a lighter being in all sense of teh word thanks to her work.  HB, Physical Therapist, WI

I've never understood how such a light touch could penetrate to my emotional core, stir it up, and heave out years of accumulated pain.  - CranioSacral/SomatoEmotional Release Therapy - BI, IL

Initially I started getting CST to help relieve the sinus headaches that plagued me weekly.  I also was interested in working through some emotional baggage, which I have tried through many other therapies.  After the first visit with Cheri I noticed that I was able to hear better with my right ear which had partial hearing loss.  I started making regular appointments usually every three weeks or so.  By about three or four months my headaches went away.  I rarely get them now.  Also, we were able to work through several emotional releases which has left me feeling so much more centered and balanced.

I do however have an amazing story to share as well.  Valentines Day 2005, I went to my regular appointment.  While working on my pelvic region, Cheri noticed something different.  There was an energetic ball of joy.  She asked me if my husband and I had discussed children.  I wouldn't know until three weeks later that we were pregnant!  She discovered this one-week after conception.

During my pregnancy, CST helped relieve the pressure on my low back and I had a very easy pregnancy, I'm sure some if not all in part to the CST treatments.  Since then my baby also gets CST treatments.  My baby has done some re-birthing work and it has helped us to bond even more.  i am eternally grateful.  SJ, Massage Therapist, TX

I have had fibromyalgia for almost 30 years that was caused from an intense car accident.  The accident triggered the disease but I was not diagnosed until 1995.  When I found out was going on, I read everything that I could get my hands on, massage coupled with CranioSacral therapy gave me almost immediate release from my pain.  I have continued with therapy up to this date and will never stop.  In 1995, I had a hard time walking to my car.  Today, I enjoy exercise on a regular basis while my disease is not curable, I can live with it because of this therapy.  Only because of you Cheri, I love you!  VL, FL

I am a 54 yr-old woman who was diagnosed five years ago with adult onset epilepsy.    My team of physicians and I have a fairly good working relationship however I have always been an individual who has believed in self-education, meaning finding out as much as I can about a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options.   Cheri Gillham was already working on me as a LMT when she witnessed my problem with physical balance and the pain associated with this unbalance.  She suggested CranioSacral Therapy and provided some lieterature to satisfy that part of me "that needed to know the facts".  I can truthfully provide you with a testimony of the first therapy resulting in a success with me.  I make it a point to see Cheri on a regular basis as she  helps me to keep my body centered and aligned with my entire core being.  Quite simple, as an Epileptic patient, I don't fall like I did and I am calmer which helps in keeping the seizures under better control.  TM, TX

This is the best body work I have ever experienced.  I visit Cheri regularly for CST / SomatoEmotional Release work.  Many times I have gone when I feel I am at a crisis stage i.e.: my body is manifesting something strange and uncomfortable and or I am having emotional issues that are affecting how I function in the world.  I have found each time that Cheri will move directly to the issue by the gentle nurturing work she does on the body.  I have often had powerful emotional releases like floodgates that open. During the work I am in a deep relazed state and together Cheri and I feel the blockages/changes that are going on in the body.  I feel totally relazed and safe, that my body and spirit is in safe hands and it is perfectly okay to be who I am even if I cry uncontrollably.Afterwards, I feel lighter and that all the grey sludgy stuff that had been holding me back has been released.  I feel a shift in my awareness and the next day a clean palette emerges.  I have recommended this work to many people and I feel blessed that Cheri has this wonderful gift.  DN, TX



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